Defold API for Visual Studio Code

Full api snippets for Defold Engine is available on Marketplace.  All functions, messages and properties are separated, includes parameters and brief descriptions.

Defold Community:

Ordered Tabstops

Message generation

play_sound ->, "play_sound", {[delay], [gain]})

model_animation_done ->, "model_animation_done", {animation_id, playback})

Properties with quotation marks


Release Notes


  • API version 1.2.138
  • Missing functions, methods and properties are added properly.
  • Properties added to the body.

(Sorry for the version numbering, vsce publish minor cause this )


  • Missing functions, methods and properties are added.
  • Args added to the list.


  • Initial release based on API version 1.2.137.

Recommended Settings & Extension

Add .script files to your settings

"files.associations": { 
    "*.script": "lua", 
    "*.gui_script": "lua", 
    "*.render_script": "lua" 

You can use those extensions with this snippet:

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