Physics Body Editor for Defold

Physics Body Editor for Defold v1.5.0 has been released.

I was in research for one of our game prototype which requires custom collision shapes. I came across the Physics Body Editor was originally developed by Aurelien Ribon. But its internal system was designed to use with libGDX. So I decided to make my own exporter for Defold build top on the editor.

This is the modified version of Physics Body Editor for Defold Game Engine compatibility. I made a lots of breaking changes, improvements, added new functionalities and bug fixes.


More info and manual is available here:


  • Convex shape file generation
  • GameObject file generation
  • Pivot point
  • Grids and snap
  • Multiple shapes in same body

Tutorial video

Release Notes


  • All dependencies updated.
  • New dark theme GUI.
  • New coordinate system.
  • New zoom level and pivot(origin) functionallties.
  • Defold Exporter with .convexshapes and .go files.
  • Lots of major & minor bugs fixed.